13 Creepy Pet Stories on Halloween Night Will Thrill You | PAWZ Road



13 Creepy Pet Stories on Halloween Night Will Thrill You

13 Creepy Pet Stories on Halloween Night Will Thrill You | PAWZ Road


Halloween night is coming at the corner.

Aside from attending a Halloween horror party, have you experienced any spooky events?

Now I want to share with you some of the most creepy pet stories that I ever heard.

(Well note please do not see it at midnight!)


A Girl on Halloween Night

Halloween Girl

I have a girl friend on the net, and we've been chatting online for a long time. We made an appointment on Halloween night that I’ll wear vampire costume and she’ll wear wonder woman costume. However, when we met each other, she wore a catwoman costume and said that she change her mind casually. We had a cheerful chat in that evening, until I returned home and opened the door, seeing my black cat sitting in the doorway motionless waiting for me. I always remember her yellow eyes that night, mysterious and eerie...


pawzroad Halloween Bat Wing


Cats Have Nine Lives

Halloween Cat

In many countries in Asia, it is said that the cats have nine lives, do you believe?

Few year ago, my grandma had a cat in the countryside. Sad to say, it incautiously ate the leftover food with rat poison in the feed room, foaming at the mouth, and it was dead.

After confirm its dead body, grandma dug a pit and buried it, after that, with her trowel she smoothed the soil and patted it firm...

In the morning after a night of raining, I got up, seeing that the cat dead last night was squatting at the door...



A year later after my beloved dog’s death, I moved. One day, I came back to my old house to take something. When I entered the house, I just want to seat on the old sofa to rest for a while, instead of taking things at first.

As I sat down, a basketball on the opposite side rolled over to my feet.

The second floor is out of the sun, and the windowsill is in the dining room. So that the wind doesn’t blow into the living room. 

That ball is my cat’s favorite playing toy before its death...


pawzroad Halloween Toy


A Lost Face

A Lost Face

One day, I was alone and testing my new web camera, my dog Peter ran toward me, barking and growling behind me. At that time, I was trying the face detection function of the camera. When it detects a face, a paper bag will appear on the screen to identify the face (similar to a ghost monitoring). When Peter was barking, I saw a floating paper bag on the screen behind my shoulder! Vanishing in a few seconds...


Mysterious Event

It is said that a man who used to live in our apartment mysteriously disappeared and hasn't been found for 30 years.

Every pet we keep is weird: our dog never bark, the cat will disappear in the room for no reason and come out again.

Our dog seems to have been abused before adoption. He often screams at the air and turns circles. It seems around a stranger, actually there is no one! Even more frightening is that when I take a shower, I can feel someone looking at me. When I finish and open the door, I will find that the cat is sitting outside the door, like a guard. Anyway, I am protected!


pawzroad pumpkin cat bed


Midnight Sound

Midnight Sound

My dog is called Bella, and at night she will sleep with me and my husband on the bed. A few weeks ago, I was insomnia in the middle of the night. When I was about to fall asleep, I heard a man's voice saying "Hi!" I ignored it and tried to fall asleep again, in this moment, I heard the man's voice shouting "Hi!" Shock to me, Bella seemed to hear it as well, staring at the ceiling and growling. A few days before, the same event happened again. A kind of sound of knocking on the door from the wall, Bella heard too. Maybe Peter is a real Snoopy, who knows it...


Mysterious Predictive Power

Mysterious Predictive Power

When I was a kid, we had a big cat called Leo. Someday I was watching TV, and he started yelling at me and looking at the top of my head. I ignored him. Two minutes later, He jumped on our China cabinet, and he knew that was off limits. Not only that, he also shuttled between various porcelain and crystal bowls, swinging his tail, while whining. Finally I had to get up and hug him, so he didn't break anything. Just as I caught him and wanted to teach him, there was a loud noise behind me: the wooden cabinet full of dolls on the wall fell heavily, which happened to hit the position where I sat just now.


Grandfather's Watch

After the death of my husband's grandfather, his old things were put into the basement. When we organized his relics, we discovered one of his watches. From the day we took the watch out of the basement, our Chihuahuas sat in a chair and yelled at the room where we put the watch every day. Until we sold the watch, he recovered to normal.


Underground Loft

Underground loft

When I was 12 years old, we had the first dog in my home. When I was sleeping, he always guarded me. After a few years, my parents had another child. I need to move to the underground loft. But my dog refused to go down. When I pulled it into my room, it would mourn and scream at the door until I let him out. Later that, we got another old dog, I decided to let this old dog sleep with me, but the same thing happened! He was also particularly resistant to going to the underground loft. If I forced him to stay here, he would cry while grabbing the door!


Murder Case

A murder occurred in the neighbor's house. One day after about a month, I walked with my dog on the nearby street. When we were walking, my dog suddenly turned and stopped in front of that house. She stood there, staring at the house. I have to drag her away. This event scared me.


pawzroad Halloween dog hoodie


History Under The Tiles

History Under The Tiles

A few years ago we lived in a famous house in San Pedro, California, and a lot of things happened. But the most spooky thing is that we adopted a stray dog, but he never had a voice until one day, he stopped at the bottom of the basement stairs and screamed at the ceiling. Then we turned over the tiles and happened to turned out a stack of newspaper clippings that recorded all people who had died from all the murders, suicides and accidents since the 1950s. It was really creepy.


Someone at Home

Dog Halloween Cosutme

Once, our cat suddenly jumped up while sleeping, running to the restaurant, screaming in a corner. My mom said, "There are some people at home," so she took some prayer supplies and began to pray. We all really heard something ran down the stairs, but actually there is no one. Both of us scared that day.


My Huskie

Every time as my huskie falling asleep, I secretly rip apart snack bags snack bag. Suddenly, a paw on my lap...

 pawzroad skull dog hoodie


Halloween dog costume

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