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Dog Locked In Hot Car Honk For Help...

Dog Locked In Hot Car Honk For Help... | PAWZ Road


In the hot summer, everyone wants to stay in a cool environment. Dogs are same too, but some of the owners are very unguarded, whose pet is locked in the hot car and leaving away.

It is obvious that the pet will be exposed to hot sun, dehydration and even death. In the UK, there are five dogs were trapped in the cars and became "hot dogs" in just two days.




According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on June 28, Froom in Somerset, England, on Monday (25th), a potential death of a dog occured. When a 17-year-old girl, Gabriel Dart, passed a McDonald's. She found that a car parked outside the store rang a horn, and when she came close, she was shocked.

It turns out that a puppy has been locked in the car for a long time. It is difficult for human to withstand the heat of direct sunlight, not to mention a puppy, it is already in a dehydrated state. In desperation, the puppy is desperately ringing the horn, hoping to call back to the owner.




Gabriel rushed into McDonald's and asked the restaurant manager to help find the dog owner. They noticed that there was a gap in the car window, and it was obvious that the owner had something to run away. This gap was specially reserved for the dog.Later, the two peoples reported the police, but before the police arrived, the dog owner had returned and drove the car away.

Gabriel sent the video to the Facebook and wrote, "Hello everyone, is there anybody can tell me who the car is, because he left the dog in the car for about 40 minutes, it was unacceptable on a hot day."




On the same day, under the scorching sun at 30℃in Cheshire, the police received a report to rescue a labrador in a trapped car for more than an hour.

Witnesses said that the dog was difficult to breathe when rescued and was rushed to the veterinarian for treatment. Earlier this Tuesday (26th), two Labradors were locked in a car in the York Hospital parking lot for 30 minutes.




As early as this month, a dog in the car parking in Sherborne, Sousse, Dorset was seen in a "cry and cry", when the temperature was high and the heat was rolling, the dog teeth on the window  with wide eyes, trying to come out. The dog owner did not return until the witnesses waited for 20 minutes.




The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals issued a warning that the weather was hot and the vehicle could quickly turn into an oven and kill pets, so the owner was asked not to leave the pet in the car.

"Our staff participated in the rescue of many dogs and witnessed their irritability, collapse, exhaustion and fear in heartbreaking situations." "Don't take risks, leave your pets at home, so they can be safe and happy."


How do you feel about these events? Angry right? Please forward it to let more people know and focus on this harmful habit! Make the tragedy of trapping dogs in hot car disappear!


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