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Pet Is Crazy at Halloween Indeed

Pet Is Crazy at Halloween Indeed | PAWZ Road


The video below will definitely make you feel the real, creepy and horrifying “monster”. The fact is proofed that do not let your pet wearing a Halloween costume go out at night! That’s horror!


YouTube: SA Wardega

An annual Halloween gala night is round the corner with so much anticipation. In New York, various celebrations of Halloween have begun. Among them, aside from the famed Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, the annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade is also focused by the whole city.

Vanity Fair magazine rated the 2017 Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade as "this is the best pet dog fashion party ever". CNN introduced it more directly, "this is the world's largest pet dog Halloween dress competition."


pet Halloween


This event will be held in Tompkins Square Park in New York every year in October and has been held for the 27th. It is actually a show and a selection. Hundreds of well-dressed pet dogs will be gathered here every year. Among them, there will be a winner of the Best Dress Up Award of the Year. Award-winning pet dogs and their owners can receive bonuses and Broadway play tickets as a reward.

You may already be able to brainstorm the lively scene of the event. But if you really go to the event venue, I believe that you will still be scared. In addition to a lot of dogs on the scene, the number of humans is even more amazing.


pet costume


Here are some of the interesting contestants selected by Fica. Let’s see the tendency of this year's pet Halloween.


The Cosplay of Character in Film & TV 

Movies and TV dramas are most often used as the theme of Halloween costumes. This year's hot drama series and topical work have appeared. Of course, a real classic one is also indispensable.


The Game of Power

The Dragon Mother and Her Dragon of "The Game of Power - The Song of Ice and Fire".


dog costume1

The princess Leia and Mini Wookie of "Star Wars" .


dog costume2

The princess Leia of Star Wars.


dog costume3

The clown of "It" (The dog may be a bit stuffy.)


Christmas pet costume


dog costume4

The wolf of "Wolf on Wall Street".


dog costume5

The little yellow dog of "Despicable Me".


dog costume


dog costume6

Mario Brothers of "Super Mario".


dog custome7


Matched Up with The Master

Although it is a pet dressing competition, there are not a few masters who are not idle. Their goal is to dress themselves up and make a nice pair with the dog.


dog costume8

A pair of pink princesses.


dog costume9

The prince of Egypt and the dark wizard behind it.


dog costume10

The beauty queens and beauty kings.


dog costume11

Three cute chickens!


cartoon dog costume


True-life Cosplay

There are also many pet dogs who imitate politicians, news focus people or people in real life. I can only say that in order to complete this dress, the masters have worked so hard.


dog costume12

A "president" concerned about hurricane damage.


dog costume13

The Pope and the nun.


dog costume14

The Playboy and bunny & The Starbucks Barisa.


dog costume16

The Staten island ferry (boat).


Pumpkin Dog Costume


dog costume17

Fresh fruit.


Halloween Ghosts Cosplay

There must be a variety of “demons and ghosts” on the scene, please protect your heart!


dog costume18


dog costume19


dog costume20


Every dog that participated in the parade every year is elaborately dressed and very exciting, which makes us eye-opening. This kind of activity is more enjoyable and fun, and that kind of fun is not comparable to any human parade.


Funny Costume Show

Please try not to laugh...


dog costume23

 Actually, I'm an elephant.


dog costume25

How about my newly permed hair? Isn't it beautiful?


Funny Dog Costume


A rumor said that such an interesting event will be closed this year, which is awkward. Under the confirmations of many parties, it was officially announced yesterday that this year’s dog parade will be held as usual.

The date is on October 28, 2018, in this upcoming weekend from noon to 3pm.

The location is changed from Tompkin Square Park to East River Park Amphitheater, the intersection of FDR and Grand Street. This is a free event. If you want to bring a dog, you don't need to register in advance. Just dress up the dog and take it to the site to participate, super simple!


Dog Costume29


How would you dress up your pet at Hallween party? Share us your pet’s amazing cospaly in the comment.

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